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How to select the non-woven fabric

Want to want to real non-woven wallpaper, have to be first to get to know what is under the non-woven wallpaper and its features.Non-woven wallpaper is also known as non-woven wallpaper, it is a kind of using natural plant fiber non-woven technology process of a wallpaper has strong tension, environmental protection, permeability good base material.Originated in Europe, where it spread through France to China.Is by far the most environmental protection of new environmental protection material.It by using non-woven technology, commonly known as non-woven, more exact appellation is non-woven paper.

How to choose and buy non-woven wallpaper:

How to choose and buy non-woven wallpaper:1And feel

Pure paper and non-woven wallpaper wallpaper has no obviously differences in appearance, but feel it has obvious difference.Pure paper wallpaper can feel more soft and smooth hand feels, this is because the carpenter material.withoutSpinning cloth wallpaper feels not so smooth, this is because of the raw materialsAnd plant fiber.

How to choose and buy non-woven wallpaper:2Color shading,

Pure paper wallpaper99.99%Will not appear under the condition of clear off color, but the non-woven wallpaper for the sake of its raw materials, so there may be some gradual color difference, not a product quality problem, but a normal phenomenon.

How to choose and buy non-woven wallpaper:3And the price

Non-woven fabric because of its completely using plant fiber, skill difficulty and scarce raw materials, mailed prices are relatively high, but the price of the pure paper wallpaper is not so high.

How to choose and buy non-woven wallpaper:4Burning,

Non-woven wallpaper is pure natural plant fiber as raw material, does not contain any chemical element, when burned, so only produce carbon dioxide and water, and therefore will not distribute any smoke and irritating smell.

How to choose and buy non-woven wallpaper: 5, fiber

Tear of imported non-woven wallpaper after leaked to have homogeneous structure of fiber, but some domestic manufacturers ever-deeper sites, even pretend to be non-woven paper pulp, cotton after tear no fiber.

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