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What are the common manufacturing processes for needle punched nonwovens?

The needle-punched nonwoven fabric is a kind of dry-laid nonwoven fabric, and the needle-punched nonwoven fabric is a puncturing effect by a lancet, and the fluffy fiber web is reinforced into a cloth. Can be used for geotextile, geomembrane, velvet cloth, speaker blanket, electric blanket cotton, embroidered cotton, clothing cotton, Christmas crafts, human leather base cloth, filter material special cloth.

    Common manufacturing process of needle-punched nonwoven fabric Part of the screen printing screen printing plate can pass through the ink and leak to the substrate; the remaining part of the printing plate is blocked, not through the ink, in the substrate A blank is formed on the screen, and the screen is used as a support body. The screen is stretched on the frame, and then the photosensitive adhesive is coated on the net to form a photosensitive plate, and then the positive-precision needle-punched nonwoven fabric is attached to the plate. Film on the film, exposed. Developing, the portion of the printing plate that does not need to be over-received is formed into a cured plate film, and the mesh is sealed, and the ink is not transparent during printing. The mesh of the portion of the printing plate that needs to pass the ink is not closed, and the ink is transmitted during printing. Black marks are formed on the substrate.

Generally, printing can only be carried out on a flat surface, and silk screen printing can not only print on a flat surface, but also print on a shape and a concave surface of a special shape, and can also print various super large advertisements, drapes, curtains. Screen printing inks can be as thick as 30 to 100 μm. Therefore, the hiding power of the ink is particularly strong, and it can be printed on pure black paper. The screen printing ink layer is thick, and the printed graphic has a strong three-dimensional effect, which is unmatched by other printing methods.

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